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Decorative Wild Leaf

Garnet and Gold Fruit Necklace

Red Berry Earrings

Silver Leaf Long Earrings

Tree Skin Bracelet

Wild Silver Flora Necklace

Meet the autor

Yerson López has been immersed in craftsmanship since a very young age. Before the age of nineteen he arrived at the Bogota School of Arts and Crafts via the program created by Father Javier de Nicoló, and here he discovered his vocation, silverwork, his creative niche and personal space.

Yerson interprets metal in a distinctive way. He understands that it is capable of transcending its own rigidity, of taking on the form of life itself, of rendering that life immortal. When he camouflages metals in order to give them the appearance of cloth, plants or fruit, he dominates technique entirely, bending it to his will.

His work is chameleon-like and the colors and textures of the objects he creates prove that he was born to work in silver.