Our pieces

Blue Caribbean Ring

Smokie Fog Ring

Tropical Emerald and Golden Ring

Tropical Green Agate

Wild Fruit Bracelet

Meet the autor

A man whose plain speaking belies the complexity of his craft, Reinel came into contact with the arts at a very young age, studied Visual Art, and has spent fifteen years working continuously as a jeweler. His work reflects the passion of a man who has found his vocation in life. He dreams up a design and the technical problems it presents are worked out along the way. His creations do not begin in preliminary sketches; they spring directly from Reinel’s creative urge.

The impressive pieces that result allow us all to benefit from his imagination.

Like any artist worth his salt Reinel imbibes painting in order to give life to the sensations that color provokes in all of us. Impossible not to add that stones, with all their primeval, underground magic are his principal medium when creating his startling, one-off a kind pieces.