Moda Elan´s curators find for you the most beautiful and unique artistic jewelry and home jewels.
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Katerina Sierra

Four countries on three continents as a residence and three mother tongues is part of the involuntary journey of Katerina Sierra. Literature and her love for Japanese literature, have been her chosen path. Writer from Universidad Javeriana, Katerina works as editor of Luna books and as freelance translator of France 24.

Thinking the written word as a chrysalis containing images, Katerina seeks to rescue the fundamental of each craftsman and women and their creations to represent it through writing.

Using the work of the jewelers that make up Moda Elan, of videos and interviews with them about their sources of inspiration and their trajectory, Katia weaves, chisels and casts the words to write the brief profiles that characterize each of our artisans of luxury.

Alberto Sierra

With the lens of his camera on his shoulder for more than 30 years, Alberto Sierra Restrepo has learned to read the world in terms of light and focus. In his search to find new spaces to portray, he has traveled through Colombia, dedicated to documentary photography.

After long years of photographic recording of the Gold Museum’s collections, Sierra is a master at capturing light on metal surfaces.

His work for Moda Elan is a sample of how magnetic his photographs of jewels are: each piece, suspended, transmits everything that its author intended to communicate. The meticulousness of his work in the studio, added to a filigree work of patience in postproduction makes each jewel photographed by Sierra acquire an Elan Vital.

Ana Sierra
Creative Director

Entering the silversmithing program at Escuela de Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo, and her inevitable “paisa”spirit, brought Ana to lead this marvelous adventure to develop sustainable markets for American masters of ancestral techniques.

After a corporate career in different industries, Ana brings to Moda Elan her expertise from decades of markets development, the creativity of her forming years as a musician and mezzosoprano and her conviction and passion to develop ethic jewelry.

As she puts it: “ModaElan is an invitation to celebrate hand made artistic jewelry as an expression of art, and the artisan as a thinker. A commitment to bring the best of the contemporary heritage of pre-Hispanic metallurgy to the world.”