In tribute to the Colonial Tienda de Trato, where maestros and apprentices built the legacy of European orfebrery in America, Moda Elan brings to you the unique digital experience of buying Latin American’s author jewelery and luxury handcraft home jewels, directly from the meastro’s workshop. Shop the best of Latin America’s author jewelry directly from your computer or mobile phone and receive it in the comfort of your home.

Choose and pre-order the piece that best fits your story, once it is ready, we will send it to your home, directly from the maestro´s workshop.

Customize your piece: choose your favorite author and tell us what your occasion or the person you wish to give a jewels. We will send you sketches for approval, directly from the workshop and we will send your unique piece.

Exclusive pieces finely elaborated in leather, wood and ceramics to use or to enjoy at home, extend our portfolio of home jewels. Special collaborations with authors and designers, and new names, enrich an exclusive offer, specially designed for those like you, who value and enjoy the exclusivity of craftsmanship and the elegance of contemporary art.

If you prefer, tell us what the occasion is and the story you want to weave. One of our advisors will send you a selection so you can choose the pieces you prefer. Call now to request a visit in Bogota, or contact our creative director if you want a piece specially designed for you. We will be ready to answer any questions you may have.

Their unique perspective on ancestral techniques and their love for contemporary art allow
our Artisans experts to offer you the best of our portfolio with the privacy of a personalized contact.

Our promise to you

Our pieces have soul, they are small seeds to weave indelible histories.

In MODA ELAN we are firmly connected with the past but focused on the future. Our direct and sustainable trading platform draws on the techniques of pre-Hispanic ancestral metallurgy in America and the tradition of the European maestros of the Tienda de Trato of the Colony. At the same time MODA ELAN is a space to promote the new narratives and the contemporary artistic expressions of the new generations of artisan jewelers.

MODA ELAN was born to weave the stories of those who chose the creativity and art of ancestral techniques as a way of life and those who, like you, love contemporary jewelry and value the wisdom of craftsmanship.

A perfect quality and an excelent and discrete service for each one of the persons who choose our pieces is our goal.

Visibility for the maestros, and the people all the long the productive chain, traceability and origin acknowlegment for the noble materials; inclusive relationships with our team and partners, and to achieve sustainability in our processes, is our purpose.

In a world of mass consumption and mass production, our ambition is to strengthen the desire for objects made with wisdom and dexterity for the pleasure of the senses.

We seek to offer space and improve the quality of life of those who have chosen the creative gesture and craftsmanship as a way of life.