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Connecting Vessels Brooch

French Lace Necklace

Metropolis Necklace

Peruvian Point Bracelet

Protection of the Spirit Necklace

The Eye Of The Soul Necklace

Yesterday and Today Ring

Meet the autor

Awarded with the residence in the prestigious gallery Flora in 2017, Figueroa fell in love with materials and in the end, came to rest at the exact point where her passion for sculpture meets her interest in jewelry design. Her awareness of time as a continuous line that touches, bends and molds all things penetrates deep into the materials she works with. Her hand forms enduring, timeless shapes in metal.

Maria Clara succeeds in salvaging beauty from a sometimes bewildering present. For her, life will always spring forth from the wilderness.

Her pieces, which are similar to jigsaw puzzles in their construction, embody the experience of geometric exploration as a creative journey, leading us always towards new lines, angles and unfamiliar shapes.