Weave your own story: If you fall in love with a piece that has already been sold, or you love the design of one of our author's but want a special piece, just let us know.

We will specially design and send a unique piece for you, right from the Maestro’s workshop to your door

You fall in love with a piece or the unique blue print of one of my author’s


  • You might be inspired any piece of our portfolio, even if it has been sold.
  • Let us know if you have a preferred maestro to craft your dreamed and unique piece.
  • Just let us know the occasion and if you have any preferred metal or precious stone.

The author will work on a unique sketch for you


  • Your exclusive Signature Piece sketch is emailed for your final approval.
  • Given the high level of hand craft work please allow 3 to 5 months to have the signature piece ready for you.
  • A 50% deposit allows the Maestro to find the precious materials required to hand craft it.

Your dreamed unique signature piece is delivered to your door


  • Tell us where you want us to deliver your unique piece
  • Surprise your loved one with the indelible experience of unwrapping an me signature piece
  • Your hand written note can be part of this new story

Loved a special piece? Is it sold out or do you want a unique design?
Contact us now and we will personalize yours.

Their unique perspective on ancestral techniques and their love for contemporary art allow
our Artisans experts to offer you the best of our portfolio with the privacy of a personalized contact.